Camping regulations

Camping at Rugbyclub Hoek van Holland is only possible after reservation via the registration form on the website.

Camping guests are only definitively registered when a confirmation has been received.

Camping fee must be paid after receipt of the invoice at the end of March.

Camping fees can be found on the website.

Camping guests are welcome if the full invoice has been paid.

The reservation are order of registration (first come, first serve).

The reservation of caravan sites is also done in order of registration. The number of caravan sites is very limited.

The reservation of tent pitches closes on May 1, 2023 or earlier as soon as the maximum number of campers has been reached.

If camping pitches are cancelled after the closing date, there will be no refund of the camping fee.

If due to unforeseen circumstances the youth beach rugby tournament is cancelled, the following refund rules apply:

1. Cancellation of the tournament more than 30 days before the start of the tournament: full refund of the camping fee.

2. Cancellation of the tournament 14 to 30 days before the start of the tournament: 50% refund of the camping fee.

3. Cancellation of the tournament 0 to 14 days before the start of the tournament: no refund of the camping fee.

Registration and check-in
Check-in at the campsite is possible on Friday evening between 19:00 – 21:30 and on Saturday morning between 8:00 – 10:00.

The night registration form must be completed per club at check-in.

Only after check-in can the campers place their tent in the designated place. Instructions from the organization must be followed at all times.

Tent campers must bring their camping gear on foot to the camping spot.  They are not allowed to enter the field with cars of other vehicles.

Caravan campers check in and can then take the car and caravan at walking pace over the cycle path to the entrance gate.

Based on the night registration form, event wristbands are issued, which must be worn throughout the event.

An orange wristband is for the youth younger than 18 and no alcohol is allowed and a green wristband for those older than 18.

For the provision of green bands, the ID is requested. If no ID can be shown, an orange band will automatically be provided.

Camping equipment
Tents: By order of the fire brigade, there may be no tents larger than a 10-person tent.

Caravans: There may be a limited number of caravans on the field. There is no power available for the caravans.

Car, van, campers may not be on the field due to environmental risks (possible leak of oil).

Caravans may be placed on the field by car. Then the car has to leave the field.

Marquees may be placed. By order of the fire brigade, no side walls may be placed in it.

For the sake of safety, the instructions of the volunteers of the organization about the placement of the camping equipment must be followed. Keep the indicated paths clear for the emergency services!

The following is not allowed on the field:

No glass on the field

No open fire, stoves, BBQ’s etc. on our field

No fireworks

No spirits Not even for adults.

No pets

Do not leave sharp or weighted objects lying around

No alcohol < 18 years

No smoking < 18 years

No drugs and laughing gas

An official security company will provide security for the ampground during both nights.

Entry to the site will be controlled from the beginning of the evening and only people with our wristband will be allowed entry. No wristband = no access.

Security is authorized to confiscate items that are prohibited, they will not be returned to you .

Security is also authorized to randomly check the tents.

NIX18 policy
No alcohol is served to anyone under the age of 18. The club is licensed to serve light alcoholic drinks (beer and wine). Liquor and spirits are forbidden at the club, if found by the organization or security, it will be confiscated. It is not allowed to bring your own alcoholic beverage. The use of spirits by adults is also not allowed.

Strict attention is paid to compliance with the NIX18 policy. If a minor is seen drinking alcohol, he/she will be immediately removed from the premises. An adult who gives alcohol to a minor is also removed immediately.

The use of drugs and/or laughing gas is not allowed.

There is at least 1 supervisor per participating team, if only 1 team from a club is present, this club provides 2 supervising adults. The supervisors stay with their charges. So there is always guidance with the teams. The first responsibility for supervising their team lies with the adult guidance. From each club, at least 2 adult supervisors must stay sober at all times!

As an organization, we do everything we can to prevent alcohol from being served to young people under the age of 18.

However we do not have insight into what is consumed in / around the tents, this is also not controllable by us.

We hold the team manager and all adult supervisors of the teams responsible for complying with the NIX18 policy for their teams!

Food & drink
Saturday and Sunday morning there is breakfast from 8.00 am

Opening hours canteen
Friday 19.00-23.00
Saturday 07.30 – 12.00 and from 16.00 – 00.00
Sunday 07.30- 12.00

Make use of the urinals, dixies or toilets.

Clean up your own mess! Garbage bags are available.

Friday after 00:00 and Saturday after 01:00 it should be completely quiet. U12’s are also staying at camping, also our club is situated close to homes, so please keep that in mind.

The tents must be cleaned up before 11:00 on Sunday. At 11.00 am the field closes. The field must be left clean after camping. An extra garbage bag can be picked up in the canteen.

Route to the beach
Follow the route to the beach according to the directions. Behave on the way to and from the beach. Stay away from other people’s private property!

We kindly ask everyone to behave like good campers and to follow our rules. As rugby players you understand that we are careful on our pitch and proud of our clubhouse. The organization has the right to remove visitors who do not behave according to the above rules. They are then also excluded from participation in the tournament, regardless of their place in the tournament. There will be no refund of registration fees and the like. That team is also not welcome the following year.

Rugbyclub Hoek van Holland and the organization of Internationaal Jeugdbeachrugby Hoek van Holland cannot be held liable for theft, loss or damage to personal property. Camping is at your own risk.

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