Players Welfare

Player Welfare

We place a very high value on the safety of the participating rugby players at the Youth Beach Rugby Tournament. Not only for the participating rugby players but for all our visitors as well. We operate following the general rugby rules of World Rugby, Rugby Nederland and our own club: Rugbyclub Hoek van Holland.

Medical staff

During both competition days medical personnel is available at the central square on the beach:

We require all participating clubs and the accompanying visitors to give the medical professionals the space to do their work and follow their instructions.

Preventive measures

Concussion Protocol (HIA)
During the youth rugby tournament we also apply the concussion protocol: this means that in case of symptoms of a possible concussion a player must leave the match (if need be by order of the referee), and cannot return to the match, but can of course be permanently replaced, provided there are substitutes available. After assessment (HIA) indicates no concussion this player can be allowed to play in a next match, although we don’t recommend it and we accept no responsibility if the assessment proves incorrect.

Feet Protection
Our first aid personnel urgently ask for everyone who wants to play to use socks, this helps to a large extent to prevent injuries to the toes.

First Aid for minor injuries
A (sports) physiotherapist for the first assessment and possible diagnosis. In addition, the (sports) physiotherapist takes care of the treatment of injuries where needed, so that the rugby player can quickly return to the field during the tournament.

Medical emergencies
An Advance Life Support team, for assessment and diagnose of major injuries and medical emergencies. Will be present at the beach during the tournament.

Other emergencies
Our emergency services (1-1-2) can reach us in a short amount of time and can drive close to the field.

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